Lavender - Yankee Candle Samplers Votive

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Perfect for sampling new scents and fragrance layering, our Samplers® votive candles offer lots of decorative possibilities when used with one of our many votive holders. Sold individually, each one comes wrapped and labelled.
Powdered lavender bundles tied with heather that is both soothing and luxurious.
BURNING TIME: up to 15 hours
When using sampler votive candles, for the most effective burn it's best to select a holder that mimics the size and shape of the candle. There's a huge collection of votive holders to choose from to suit any décor and can be found in store and online.
Candle Care:

To maximise your candle's burn time, always allow your candle to burn until the liquid wax has reached the edge of the jar before extinguishing the flame using one of our Candle Snuffers. This will help to prevent creating 'memory rings' and tunnelling of the candle. After burning, trim your candle's wick using one of our Candle Trimmers to just below 1cm, do not allow the excess wick to fall back into the molten wax.Instead of blowing out your candle, snuff it (using our Candle Snuffer) to prevent the wick from smouldering.

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