Are you ready for the next Full Moon ?

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A Full Moon is the perfect time to reflect. Full moon ceremonies provide us with an opportunity to let go of the negative energy in our chaotic lives.

The Full Moon – a chance to cleanse and reset.

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 On Thursday June 24th a Full Moon will occur. This is a time of culmination which provides us with a chance to refresh with a promise of positivity and fulfillment at the coming New Moon. Full Moon Ceremonies are powerful spiritual cleanses that help us to heal and attract positive energy.

What do I need for a Full Moon Rituals?

Firstly, it is important to be in the right mindset. Ensure you are in a calm, neutral environment and have the time to reflect on the past lunar cycle. Allow yourself to release what may have been bothering you and focus on the positivity you wish to attract. Only by letting go of the past can we hope to move forward with optimism. There are several items that can help you relax and gain the most from the experience, here are some suggestions:

The Smoke Cleansing Ritual

You may ask, how do I start the ritual? Once you are in the right mindset, consider the environment. Set up a sacred space by lighting a few candles. Light some white sage or incense on the candles and allow the smoke to flow throughout your space. The smoke from white sage and incense is known to help release toxic energy that may be lingering around you and your home. You can waft the smoke around yourself with a feather to clear your mind and body from all the built-up negativity during the past lunar cycle. It is also beneficial to allow the smoke to circulate throughout your home. Abalone shells are used to catch the embers or ash from the white sage smudge stick as it burns. Be sure to leave a window or door open to let the bad energy escape into the universe.

Meditation Ritual

Now that you have cleared your environment and created a space suitable for attracting positive energy, you can spend a few minutes meditating. Give yourself time to find balance, heal and be present in the moment. Close your eyes and focus on taking long, deep breaths. You may find your mind wandering and that is completely normal, try to come back to focusing on your breathing for 5-10 minutes. 

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Manifestation Ritual

This ritual again frees the negative thoughts, habits or people that are holding us back. We are left with space to focus on attracting positive changes to our lives. To begin the ritual, take a pen and write down the negative elements you wish to let go of. Concentrate on the release as you begin to burn the paper on one of your candles. Watch as the flames engulf the paper and consume the negativity, then drop the paper into a bowl of water.

You can repeat this ritual, but this time manifest the positive changes you plan to make. Write down your intentions and repeat the steps outlined above. Emphasize your intention to change in a positive manner and have faith that the universe will hear your desires. Visualize yourself free of any negativity and thriving in your new way of life.

Charging Crystals

Crystals can be charged in sunlight or moonlight at any time of the month, however, the best time for charging in moonlight is during a full moon. The energy from the moon is much more powerful at this time and is the perfect opportunity to cleanse your crystals. Cleansing your crystals is necessary to realign their energy with your new intentions. Crystals can hold on to the negative energy that you have been trying to release. By cleansing and recharging your crystals, you are ensuring the energy that surrounds you is clear. Recharged crystals will better serve their purpose and help you achieve your goals.

Reflect and Release

You may find at the end of a lunar cycle, you have a lot of negative energy built up. We recommend trying these rituals to help alleviate the stresses that have been weighing you down. Release what no longer serves you and welcome the energy that will help you achieve your goals.

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